Book Readings

Book readings are basically story times for adults. Not only do authors read their books aloud, they often expound upon their life experiences and writing practices. I first attended one for a homework assignment. After a long, full day of classes, I sat one evening in Harvard Bookstore, in Cambridge, expecting to be mildly interested,... Continue Reading →


The Breakfast Club

Up to this point,¬†The Breakfast Club was that film that everyone referenced, but no one explained. And the title doesn't much help the ignorant. However, this past week I finally had the opportunity to discover what this cultural favorite was all about. The professor for my Perspectives on Communications class made it required viewing for... Continue Reading →

The Girl Who Lives in my Room

Some days, she rises early and goes for a short run around the pond. She secures her cropped, dark brown hair with a thin, turquoise headband¬†before rushing out the door. Beneath her bed, a guitar case and Yoda slippers peep out. The art bin is also hers, and the abstract marble wave she carved last... Continue Reading →

Songs for Those Rough Patches

Sometimes relationships have rough patches. And frankly, I believe that stress caused by discord between friends or significant others is the most difficult to live with. The lead up to exams is hardly comparable to having to wake up and go to sleep knowing you're not right with someone. While chowing down ice cream and... Continue Reading →

Nyland 2nd Floor

Upon receiving an RA position in Nyland hall, one of my first concerns was decorations. Now, two weeks into living as a resident advisor, I realize that the aesthetic is not all there is to caring for and serving a floor of college students. Nevertheless, my roommate and I still spent the summer scheming and... Continue Reading →

First Day

During my homeschooling years I sensed a little, the first day of school thrill, but not to the degree that I feel it in college. Though I am as guilty as anyone of moaning on about homework, I actually really do like it. As the first semester of my sophomore year launches into motion, I'm... Continue Reading →

Queen of Katwe

Queen of Katwe is the kind of movie that makes you want to learn chess. Based on a true story, the narrative follows a young Ugandan girl rising from the slums and becoming a national chess champion whilst experiencing the cruelties of poverty and the feelings of fame. Introduced to the board game through a... Continue Reading →

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