Not Just an Afternoon Graced with Good Music

There are perks to being in college. And a pretty significant one is the free stuff. This past Sunday, I had the unusual privilege of getting to attend a chamber music concert put on by members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO). Additionally, not only was it free, but it was also on Gordon’s campus. Emmy and I were able to slip into the chapel and spend an hour and a half of our Sunday, being washed over by the emboldening arrangements of Mendelssohn and Shostakovich.

The concert was a part of the BSO’s attempt to reach the smaller communities around Boston. As one might guess, the Wenham patrons of classical music tend to be of the older demographic. But I found the crowd of white-haired audience members, nodding their heads in genuine appreciation of the gliding bows reminded me of my late grandmother and how much she loved listening to classical music. There are downsides to being a college student. And one of them is that you’re world can be mainly comprised of peers. Professors do aid in contributing the much needed life perspective to one’s day-to-day existence, but generally school can be pretty void of the gracing presences of the grey-haired.

So this past Sunday, I was not only blessed by the quality performances of well-trained musicians, but also by simply getting to sit among people of great age and experience. Sometimes encountering older people can help remind a young person that though there are troubles in one’s life, you will live on.

Veronica A.


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