The Difficult Task of Writing

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”

— Thomas Mann

If this is true, then I believe I am well on my way. I profess to love writing. Yet I leave my fiction writing homework for last. I fabricate excuses for why I can’t work on a story– I need it to sit in my head longer, it’s too raw, I’m too tired to do it any good. Secretly, I dread opening Microsoft Word. Because down the path of composition lies boundless decisions and words to contend with.

I think I need someone in my life to give me a good shove every so often; someone to help me cast myself into the abyss of writing. I need to be threatened at sword point or with a strict deadline in order to create something. Even though the material produced probably ought be burned later, I need someone to make me do what I want to do.

Veronica A.


3 thoughts on “The Difficult Task of Writing

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  1. I love this about writing. So wild and so true. So many words, so many thoughts, as many hours as you give it, Hopefully to enlighten and help mankind.


  2. Yeah, I experience this regularly. If it helps, it’s not hard to find good publications that will bother you with wonderful, necessary deadlines later on in life. You can always find a good deadline out in the wilds of the literary world.


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