First Day

During my homeschooling years I sensed a little, the first day of school thrill, but not to the degree that I feel it in college. Though I am as guilty as anyone of moaning on about homework, I actually really do like it.

As the first semester of my sophomore year launches into motion, I’m giddy. Despite being twenty and in college, new books and unexplored syllabi delight me. The cool New England breeze invites me to spend hours in the library digging into assignments. The electric bustle of fellow students rushing to their classes perks up my step. And the gradually growing todo list calls to me to check things off.

This energy, of course, will fade at some point, and in a few months time you’ll be reading about how little inclination I have to do anything. But for now, here’s my first day of school photo.


Veronica A.


2 thoughts on “First Day

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  1. Just pirouette through
    In your Zebra tutu [not Desmond}
    And no one shall notice
    But a few in the zoo.
    Think what dish pile-ups
    You’ve escaped at home!
    Love GG


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