This is Serious Business


Few things hold a more important place in my heart than my planner.

As soon as my mother introduced me to the idea of using a weekly agenda book, it became a staple of my everyday. It was life support during junior year and until recently, even more significant to me than my phone. Unless I’m on vacation, I am religious about writing down what I have to do in a day. I’ve tried keeping an electronic calendar, but have always switched back to paper. The power of ink and compressed trees is infinitely more than that of a pre-programmed system of organization. I prefer the variability; you can draw in margins or change the bullet point style you use.

Essentials of an ideal planner for me include being a smaller notebook size so that it fits in most bags. It also must have the month view as well as the week view. And I’ve always preferred the horizontal day blocks to the vertical sections. The outside and inside aesthetic is also of utmost importance. I’ve varied between bright and subtle colors, but I think if you’re going to use an item a lot, it should look appealing.


For purchasing this item, I was a loyal customer of Staples in the beginning.  However, Target has yielded very nice planners. If you’re ok with spilling a few extra dollars Paper Source or Barnes and Noble have particularly pretty selections.

Pro Tip: Stores generally come out with planners either at the end of a school year or, more popularly, at the beginning of a new academic cycle. Thus those are the best times to shop, in between the pickings are a bit slim.

Planners are a serious business for me.

Veronica A.


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