Back to the Penn.



Sprawled out on the bland library carpet, I unsuccessfully fought back tears. Despite it nearing closing time, I made no effort to rise to my aching feet. My mom, who was engaged in an online meeting, smiled understandingly at my wet eyes from behind her corner cubical. She had just driven eight hours to pick up her freshly finished freshman from college. I had just completed packing up my dorm in 90 degree weather and loading it into our monstrous, seaweed green, conversion van. Soon to be barreling down route 95 were several suitcases of clothing and shoes, a harp and a bunch of other stuff I managed to accumulate during my time on the North Shore.

Not necessarily caused by grief at the conclusion of my year, my tears were more a testament to my exhaustion. I was saying good-bye to a lot at once. Although I will return to Gordon in the fall and resume my studies, sitting with many of the same people at dinner, I was unprepared for how heavy the moment felt when I handed my dorm key back to my RA. So much has happened over this past academic year; I was overwhelmed when I was faced with packing it all up for the summer. However, I’ve kept some elements of my new life in my carry-on and I’m excited to share them. My silence on this blog perhaps betrays how busy second semester was. But I intend on delivering each piece of unreleased news here as well as continuing to dispense of anecdotes throughout this summer. Since I’ll be staying home and working only part time, I intend on doing lots with words and paragraphs and all that. So, I hope to see you around.

It’s good to be home.

Veronica A. 


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  1. I was just wondering today about you! Long time between posts, but then, I did forget that Gordan had a few things for you to do in your “spare” time when not writing! ENJOY the rest!


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