Current Classes

Visual Storytelling – “Anybody want an Altoid?” Professor Thurman chirps through his brown, bristled beard as he sets up his computer. He tries to loosen up the room in preparation to discuss narratives and the five major plot points. But at 9:45 a.m. the rotund room of college students is a reluctant audience. His unkempt hair shifts as he explains that a major conflict should be introduced within the first third of a film. A few of us endeavor to engage as the class progresses. We’re starting to formulate ideas for a fiction short movie. But I’m stressing over the uncreative products of my brainstorming sessions.

Introduction to the Study of Language and Literature – We’re a motley mix; some athletes, some bookworms, and some caught in the middle. Our teacher scans the room with her intentional gaze looking for any semblance of a hand. The volume of her voice modulates drastically as she tells us about how she ripped the cover of her book when she opened the package it was mailed in. Dr. Andrea Frankwitz, as she is called, possess an eccentric but easily entertaining talking style. And throughout the class one sometimes wonders at the strange connections she makes, at the same time you figure you’ll just roll with it.

French II – “Bonjour! Bonjour!” Professor Campoli exudes French enthusiasm as she wastes no time in helping you finish your poorly pronounced sentences. “D’accord! D’accord!” For a while she talked about de boeuf and de viande, which are meats, and how “j’ai adore” looking at them in the catalog. I found this confusing because I didn’t think you normally looked at meats in magazine. However, I appreciate Madame Campoli’s simple, but refined style. She traipses in front of the black board in little black, lace up heels, and she always has a silk scarf around her neck.

The Great Conversation – Dr. Ian Deweese-Boyd has small, brown, circular spectacles, which compliment his grey hair. His dulcet voice drifts thoughtfully through the classroom, as he introduces the essay about body image and advertising, which is the subject of our discussion. We go around and share our experiences with media influencing ideas of beauty and our professor nods considerately as he uses a fountain pen to take down notes.

Veronica A.


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