California Pt. 2



The West Coast is a sight to be seen in the winter months. With a rare abundance of rain, the hills were green and the palm trees punctured the valley mist with their prickly heads. Erica loaded her Spotify playlist, and we belted our way through L.A. traffic to “Everything’s Gonna be Alright” by Mike Mains and The Branches.

Between the Pacific views of San Diego and Spanish aesthetics of Santa Barbara, Erica and I discussed first semesters of college and love languages. She introduced me to Krispy Kreme, and I explained to her why coffee has zero calories. Our escapades led us to reunite with old friends, while renewing that bond that got us through junior year of high school and Calculus II.

I can’t always properly explain to people why students in online school spend their savings on plane tickets to see their friends on the other side of the country. But I can confidently say that we know long distances relationships like no others. Now, both as college students, we continue to weather those obstacles to friendship, but now with only a two hour time difference.

Relishing the 65 degree weather.
Pier-ing at Santa Barbara.
Living on the edge.
Erica likes to point out that even mother nature knows she’s a queen.


Admiring the Pacific from a high vantage point near San Diego.



Erica with her men.


We kept on running from the rain, but it caught us on the boardwalk at Long Beach.
Cactus gardens can be pretty too.



It was delicious, but I will never again eat three donuts in a row.



I had a blast with this one and I’m going to miss her. She and wildly warm California made me forget that it was the middle of  winter, but second semester of college calls, so back to Massachusetts I go.

Veronica A.


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