I Was One of Those Girls

I was basking in the glorious relief of a cool shower. I had checked “Gym time” off my to do list, and was mentally preparing for my evening of homework. And then I heard it. A strange, loud, whining sound emanating from the hallways. I sincerely hoped that was not what I thought it was. Slightly bewildered, I interrupted my shower and poked my head out. The obnoxious sound continued. Then my RA swung the bathroom door open and confirmed my fears; the fire alarm. In that moment I joined the percentage of girls who get caught in the shower when the fire drill happens.

Furiously repeating: “You got to be kidding me!” I strode back to my room and hastily considered my options: I could leave now in a towel, or don my dorky Dr. Who robe, or throw on a dress. I had to leave or I was going to get fined. I grabbed the dress. The said garb was a blue mini dress. Now it was a conservative mini dress, not something one might wear at a nightclub. But I’m sure I looked comical, dripping wet in uncommon wear for a Thursday evening on a college campus.

Luckily I had floor mates to gravitate towards, so I wasn’t just standing alone in this silly state. But this event was one of the more entertaining parts of my week. Eventually they let us back in the building and I finished my shower.

Veronica A. 


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