So There’s This College…

     I think college searching is a bit like online dating. You’re not always sure what you want or what you’re getting. But nevertheless you take all the necessary precautions. You try not to get your hopes up too early, but you check off on non-negotiables. Then you go on a date and test out the waters.
     Last month I visited Gordon College in Wenham, MA. I admit, I went with low expectations and didn’t think my mind would be easily swayed by seeing the campus. A small, Christian,  liberal arts college on the borders of Boston, Gordon was so different from where I envisioned myself going (a big, secular university). But as I sat listening to the welcome address for the Accepted Student’s Day, I found my feelings turning in a very different direction. The professors seemed eager to help the students accomplish their goals and send the out into the world. It seemed like a place where I could marry my mission as a Christian and my vocational direction as a journalist. As the weekend progressed, I found myself wishing I wouldn’t have to decide between Gordon and another school. Essentially, I was in love. 
      In the end, God graciously and providentially made Gordon my clear destination. But I’m beyond thrilled for this new adventure and this past week, I made it official! You could say I tied the knot. 
Veronica A.

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  1. This is very good 🙂 there's a whole huge swath of difficulty you won't have to face here (and additional unique challenges will present themselves). An excellent choice–you'll do very well there!!!!!!


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