The Pleasure of Reading Before Bed

      I don’t often get to sit under the light of my precariously perched bed lamp and read something other than Nietzsche or my Physics Textbook, but when I do, it feels like order has been restored to the universe. My mom had picked up a New York Times the previous day, so I spent Monday night, in the hour before I nodded off, reading articles and basking in the tangible goodness of a wrinkling over-sized paper.
      Nahum, our ever napping, canine family member, occupied his usual place at my feet. I then proceeded to make my way through the pages of news and opinion articles, pulling out the ones I wanted to revisit later. While relishing my moments in conscious rest I remembered the scenes of John Adams and his wife reading in bed from the masterpiece T.V. series with Paul Giamatti.
      While I may consume prose in the comfort of my sleeping place out of pleasure, I cannot deny it makes me feel intelligent as well.

Veronica A.


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