A Quality Resolution

      I know the end of January draws near, but that shall not hinder me from sharing with you my New Year’s goal. I wasn’t originally planning to set upon a new endeavor for 2016, but a Christmas present my mom gifted from her used book haul changed my mind. The book was called Overdressed by Elizabeth L. Cline. It chronicled a woman’s mission to learn about the industry of cheap fashion. Although a bit dated, it still brought to light a serious issue of deteriorating quality. All across our country, we are obsessed with trends and sales. The result is dirt cheap prices and shirts made out of plastic, while factory workers are barely earning a living by applying studs to shirt collars.

     I can’t change the problems produced by this system overnight, however, the book made me think about how I can better approach shopping. Maybe I could save up my money for a well made item that I’ve carefully thought about purchasing.
      My New Years resolution is to put more thought into my shopping. Instead of buying something cute that will last four washes, I want to invest in clothing that will last me years. Anthropologie is where I’ve started scouting for new items. I know I can find 100% Cotton and “made in America” clothing there. But as my knowledge of the market increases, so will the stores, I hope. Building a quality closet of pieces I love will take time. But one might as well begin in 2016.

Veronica A.

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