Am I Killing a Succulent?

     Pinterest filled my head with pictures of succulents. The little leafed plants were the perfect hipster, desk display. How could I resist the tiny cacti in their cute DIY-pots? I couldn’t, I had to get one. So, I contacted the local succulent enthusiast in my church. She hooked me up with the most lovely collection in a clear, glass vessel. I thought I had succeeded and attained coolness of the utmost degree.
     However, tragedy came one day when I tried to separate the plants. Re-potting these fragile creations is not the easiest thing to do. Once I got them into separate, equally unique, containers, I found myself struggling to sustain their life. I never knew when to water them.
     Now, I have one left and I have an odd feeling that it is failing on me. Maybe the hipster desk was just not meant to be.

Veronica A.


One thought on “Am I Killing a Succulent?

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  1. You have given me a great idea. I need a plant for my new desk…for my new job…starting in February. Maybe a succulent will fit the bill. I hope they are low maintenance 🙂


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