I’m Back in School (But Not Really)


    Each time I read or watch Harry Potter I get inspired. I get an itch to do homework. Now I’m fairly certain that I am one of the only people who feels this way. However, when I think about school shopping in Diagon Alley and preparing for a chilly fall in a castle with all my friends it makes me envious of Hermione Granger. And this year, as a senior, I’m feeling an even greater desire to study in a massive library with my friends or chat about the injustices of Calculus over coffee and tea, since this chapter of my life will soon be ending. But unfortunately, I can’t. I’m homeschooler, whose fate is to enjoy the turning colors of trees alone in her room and to slave over Physics formulas drinking chai in silence.


    Thankfully, my future is not that bleak. My friends can be annoyingly chatty over text. And I’m ready for the long, cold walks in the woods. I’m ready for scarves and hats and sweaters and books. I’m ready for senior year and the stack of applications I need to fill out. I’m ready because Sunday night I watched Harry Potter.

Veronica A.

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