Last Week of Summer Vacation: California

    For online students, being physically around each other is a novelty. In order to end my summer right, I flew all the way across the country to spend a week with one of my good friends, Erica. I got to soak in the rich, dry, desert landscape of Southern California and be with the person who helped me get through junior year. Among the sightseeing and classic California adventures, Erica  and I ate lots of good food (which included goldfish) as well enjoyed some quality car rides together. Here are some of the highlights.

{Biking along Venice Beach}

What you don’t see is that I got extremely sunburned this day.

{Visiting the Last Bookstore}

Is this not the coolest place?
This would be the bookstore from Diagon Alley.

I bought Sphere by Michael Crighton in all it’s used glory.

{California Adventure}

I did not expect to fall in love with Car’s Land.
She’s fit the height limit, but not quite the age requirement.
My favorite ride, ever. It includes free falling and being scared. 

{Road Trip to the Beach}

Playing with two of Erica’s awesome siblings in the waves.
Point Dume Beach

 {The Food}

{Hiking in Hollywood}

Erica had to wait around while I, very tourist like, took a picture of every name I recognized. The boulevard is equivalent to New York City’s 42nd street.
{Visiting with Friends}

My squad, minus two.

Thank you Erica for being there for me as a friend and as a guide to your chill state. Here’s to making it through senior year together.

Veronica A.

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