Beginning Summer on July 3rd

       Up until now, summer hasn’t felt like summer. My work has kept me disciplined with my time and energy, leaving little room for the fun activities that would normally usher in the relaxing tides of the warmer months. That all changed on July 3rd, when I decided to hang out with my aunt, uncle, cousin and grandma at the beach. I only had a day before I was off to music camp, but I was itching to do something.
     We started off our day together with sleepy Bible-reading and dutch-baby baking.

     A significant part of this day was good food. After breakfast, we headed to a rather hectic G&E for some groceries, mostly so that my cousin and I could make some patriotic cupcakes.

       We succeeded at creating delicious cupcakes, although not all of our decorating choices worked out the way we had anticipated. Made evident by the nickname my cousin gave to one of our products- “factory reject.”

       After I had licked up way more frosting than I should have, we headed out on our bikes. The ultimate goal was Fenwick, where we could refill our large bucket of Fisher popcorn. We ended up getting some tasty tacos. By the time we made it home, we had cycled fifteen miles.

      We returned home for some naps and some hydration. My cousin graced us with his violin playing before we stepped out on the porch to watch people set off fireworks. After some fun with sparklers, we watched some Dr. Who. I had a great time seeing my cousin experience the scares of the show for the first time.

      Finally, it feels like school is off and I can enjoy the sunny days.

Veronica A.

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