First Day of Work

      “Veritas Press, this is Veronica.” I answered the phone. First day at my new summer job, and I was primed to answer some questions. Or at least I thought I was. That was until I realized I didn’t know the correct response to Mrs. _____’s query. I scrambled to ask someone, awkwardly balancing a client conversation with a speedy, disconnected chat with my supervisor. My debut in customer service slid from glamorous to unsteady. It didn’t help that I had contracted a cold.
     My second week in, I’m improving with each phone call. Never again will I underestimate the skill and effort of a company’s customer service team.
     As this is my first time driving away to a real office job, I get excited when I have to alert my family members of my departure with the words: “I’m going to work.” Furthermore, when I peek my head around the cubicle divide in search of an answer one my coworkers are generous in taking time away from their work to offer me tea and explain how to apply promotions to a customer’s order. I couldn’t have chosen a better environment. I know the excitement will wear off, but I’m going to milk my enjoyment of it for as long as I can. As much as it can be stressful when you are trying to reason with someone who wants free services and is not taking no for an answer, it’s refreshing to be doing something other than Calculus corrections or French flashcards.

Veronica A.

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