Internet Friends


      I rely heavily on the internet. In fact, I need it. I go to school on chrome, I socialize on in Skype and on Facebook. I work through Microsoft Word and Gmail. But this isn’t just because I’m a desensitized American Teenager, it’s because the only way to talk to my friends is through a computer screen. I definitely don’t prefer it this way, but it’s the blessed and cursed life of a cyber school student.
      Last week I finally got to hug my friends. I find that seeing the person’s actual height and associating the person’s name with a face are the first two things that you have to adjust to. However, quickly you have to remember that you are teenagers and that you are not in school. Sometimes it takes a couple of awkward conversations to get comfortable with this new set of physically present human beings . But once you get over the difference in their voices when it’s not coming through a microphone, you discover again how kind, intelligent and interesting they are. And then you realize how you’re not alone in the world and that people really do care about you.

      I’m done with junior year and I have the coolest friends.

Veronica A.

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