Notable: Josh Garrels

      A friend recently recommended this song, “Ulysses”, to me, which I fell in love with and promptly web searched the artist to uncover more of his work. Unknowingly, I was actually rediscovering a singer, who I had cued up on my first iPod when all my music was hand-me-down from my brothers. His raspy voice and folksy mix of guitar, xylophone and strings has been my jam for the few weeks. It was like uncovering Simon and Garfunkel again. Not only are his tunes worthy of a hipster playlist, his lyrics match in depth the likes of U2 and Eminem. Particularly his song, “Resistance.” It encouraged me to trust the words of the Bible during a period of time when I was feeling very week and fragile. Although “Ulysses” is still my favorite of his.  “Resistance,” “Pilot Me,” and “Rise” are up there on my list.

  His most recent album is called Home, and you can find his website here:

Veronica A.

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  1. Hello, Veronica!
    I found your blog after reading your profile on Schoology (I'm a VPSA'er hehe) and all I can say, after reading through your posts, is that you have such a lovely blog! I'm loving all of your posts 🙂


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