Greece & Italy {Part 4}

Just a hallway in the Vatican Museum.

     Talk about overwhelming, the Vatican museum was covered in classic pieces by Michelangelo and Raphael. I have never seen such skill concentrated in one place like that. From the School of Athens, my favorite, to the Sistine Chapel, I could not keep my mouth from falling to the floor.

     In St. Peter’s Basilica, it was even more so. Massive statues hung from the ceiling and every inch of the building was covered in with some kind of decoration. The creators of that space went all out- American cathedrals are wimpy compared to this.
The School of Athens- Plato in red on the left, Aristotle in blue on the right.

           Lunch was in order after seeing the Vatican. I wandered off with some of our group to look for some food. I’m not sure if what I ate had a name, but it was very tasty. It was bizarre passing the massive walls of the Vatican State, because it is its own country, and getting some gelato on the other side. 
       The last destination of our day was the Catacombs. We bussed there, which was a nice break for our feet. Before the tour started, some of the group played hacky-sac, while others enjoyed the sunlight. It was a relaxing area, since we left the metropolitan buzz. Below the original grounds of Rome, the catacombs were cool and dark, but vast. Back in the day, Christians had to navigate the labyrinth by candlelight and with no GPS. What brought me to silence, more than the riches of the Vatican or the wonders of St. Peter’s Basilica, were the simple markings of Christian graves. 

Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s last work of art.
Veronica A.


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