Greece & Italy {Part 2}

          Touching the same rock that has stood in Pompeii for almost 2,000 years was one of the highlights of the trip. As a little kid, I had a level 4 reader that immortalized the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in my mind. I still remember staring at the pictures of people, horrified, running away from the flaming mountain. Pompeii became like a favorite childhood destination. Yet I only know about it because it was destroyed. It is one of the most well preserved and oldest cities of Roman antiquity.

The professional theater of Pompeii
Original wall art

      A boat ride away after a quick slice of pizza, Capri welcomed our troupe onto its vibrant and splendid shores. My eyes feasted on the pink and blue and yellow homes stacked on top of one another. No wonder the Roman emperors loved coming here for their vacation, it was heavenly. Though the skies were slightly overcast when we visited, the numerous hues of white evoked the a lazy, beach town feel. 

        To kill time, we threw a Frisbee on the beach. An group of Italian teens were hanging out near by and one of them wanted to play a little with us. It was cute seeing him try it out for the first time–did I mention all the boys there have very nice haircuts?

Some of our own hanging out on the rocks.

       We took a cable car up to the second level of the city, and the view was stunning. The richness of the Italian colors mixed with the majesty of the natural cliffs was pure delight. Aesthetically, Capri is the place to be.

Myself, my dad, and my mom.

Veronica A.

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