Greece & Italy {Part 1}

      3:50 a.m. to my body, but the sun was just rising in Munich, Germany. Free cappuccinos from
Lufthansa airlines were welcome treats for my sleepy limbs. Even though my head was groggy, I was excited to be with new and renewed friends on this overseas venture. Sun flooded the airport, through gigantic glass windows surveying white, glimmering planes. Twenty minutes till we boarded and were on our way to Italy. The epic had begun.

       The first thing that impressed me was the color. Although people in Italy mostly wear black and grey, their cultural color emanates from their houses and food. Flying in, I saw a landscape dotted with red-brick roofs. My first day I tasted true Italian pizza- it’s true; it’s better than in America. We slept in the city of Sorrento for the first two nights. It was classic-tiny streets, frequent gelato shops, metalwork balconies and motor bikes everywhere.

      On the cliffs of Sorrento, gazing at the glittering Mediterranean, I finished my first day enjoying Italy. New friendships taking root around me, I soaked in the last sun rays of the day. Elisabetta, our guide, told us this was where the sirens called out to Odysseus. At last, I had come to the land of the ancients. The next day was Pompeii and Capri. I was so ready.

Veronica A.

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