I’ve taken up swing dancing.

     When I mention this to people who don’t know what it is, they assume it’s some kind of country dance because of where I live. But that’s hardly the case. It’s a genre of dancing, popular around the ’20s,’30s, ’40s and 50’s. Found among the footwork are the famous Charleston, Jitterbug and Lindy-hop. My brother first introduced me to it when he was home from college (he’d been winning over Southern belles with his skills). After our first living room lesson, I became obsessed.
       I found a Swing club that meets in Lancaster every Saturday night and whenever I get a chance I hop late into the night with strangers from the county. It’s a wild time. You get to meet ’40s clad cyber school teachers and open-heart surgery nurses. But the evening is also infused with downtown Lancaster culture, there are the tattooed, oxford wearing hipsters who tear up the floor.
       To give you a glimpse of what it’s like, I’ve linked up a video.

Veronica A.


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