The Fall Ideal and the Forgettable Pumpkin French Toast

Food photography is a lot harder than it appears. 

      Sometimes I like to remind myself that it is fall outside in the world beyond my electrically heated girl cave. My window barely peeps above the deceased flower bed lining the lower floor of our split level home. I can see our large maple tree outside. But it didn’t turn the color I wanted. Longingly, I  watch greenish yellow leaves litter the lawn. It’s the first time I can actually absorb the fall scenery, since I no longer inhabit an apartment building in a city. In an effort to live a little, I lifted a season-appropriate recipe off Pinterest. I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy the tastes of November then to blend them into a breakfast food. Pumpkin French Toast seemed like a good decision.
      I told my mom that I needed Pumpkin puree and she responded by slapping a strangely vibrant red gourd into the microwave. The fruit (Yes! It is a fruit, I googled it) had previously sat on our counter for decoration. The next morning I hustled to whip up the seasonal french toast before my early class started, after which I eagerly devoured the results. The pumpkin flavor was non-existent, which I wanted to believe was due to the strange looking specimen my mom threw into the microwave to soften. Nevertheless, my pains to celebrate chilly mornings and orange landscapes were foiled. I hope that your efforts to embrace November are more successful then mine.

I have not given up yet.

Veronica A.

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