"I Do" Happy

     She was so beautiful and the church was set. A clump of vibrant stems in her hands and a beating heart that I could see from her face. I smiled and watched the first bridesmaid march as “Psalm 46” echoed through the colorful  church. On cue I stepped out and walked towards my grinning brother, catching glimpses of my family and family to be. For the first time in a couple of days my mind was quiet, and when I made it to the front I smiled because I knew what was happening was so good and it made me happy.
     As she reached the altar, I could see her holding in the tears. She and my brother had waited so long for this. And it was finally happening. The joy of delayed gratification poured over in their voices as they repeated their vows to each other. And then they kissed. 
     When at last, they joined ringed hands, the bridal party danced down the isle after them to the contagious melody of “You are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne. Halfway down the columns of clapping people we slipped on sunglasses and finished out the recession. The rest of the evening was full of Filipino food, friend reunions, and celebratory dancing. I don’t think that the party could have gone better. God showered the Andreades with blessings that day, big and small. 
Veronica A.

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