Solanco Fair {The Parade}


       This is Hobbiton. The people here like large gatherings, with good food, agricultural displays and undisturbed tradition. Four generations of Quarrvillians set out their lawn chairs days in advance. I quickly learned that the Solanco Fair was a national holiday to the folk of Quaryville and Southern Lancaster County. Fortunately for my family, the event took place across the street from our new hobbit hole. But the festivities of these three days were too bountiful to cover in a short post. First came the parade.

      Everyone from the high school marching band to the hairdressing shop participated. Each business or group put together its own display. Children thrust their hands out to the passing landscaping employees and boy scout members who hand out candy to the eager little fingers. The parents recline in their fold-up chairs watching the familiar celebration unfold.

Yes that is a giant shopping cart, which they created themselves.

Prepping for the tractor pull.

I was so excited when I saw this.

My friend with her uncooperative pygmy goat.

I feel for those poor children. Some one must have misled them to think that they were going to be on an exciting float for the parade, not disclosing the fact that they would be sitting in rolling out houses.

Our local beauty salon owner, sailing along in her float for the Family Hairloom.

I’m so glad I moved here.

Veronica A.

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