Starting School.

Trying to dress the part for my first day of school.
      Sitting down for my first of seven online classes yesterday, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Each year at Veritas Press Online Scholars Academy has been a different monster to fight, and run from. And since my cousin, a rising senior, has assured me that junior year is the worst, I’m no longer confident in my perceptions about the year. Though frantically fixing food for lunch before my next class will still be an element of my day.
      I wonder if new school year resolutions are a thing. One of the deadly sins for Veritas students is to be on Facebook or email while a teacher is giving a lecture. This one is especially difficult for me because I’m always looking for a rejection letter from an editor that I’ve submitted an essay to so that I can send my work out again. So many interesting things come through email, it’s really hard for me to resist the urge to check it every thirty seconds.
      The most difficult part of my day, by far, is dragging myself off the couch or bed at three in the afternoon to practice harp or jog to the gym. Usually I have to bribe myself with coffee or chocolate or something like that. Some days it’s easier than others.
     Thankfully, I don’t have much homework yet, because I’m still collecting soda bottles for the decor at my brother’s wedding. Nevertheless, my trusty planner keeps me busy. 

Veronica A.

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  1. You look scholarly and creative at the same time –love it. So amazed that you're submitting essays to editors! Love reading these posts. Which brother is getting married!?!?! Congrats and hello to your family. 🙂


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