Prayer Journal

      When I lived in an apartment, my room was a dining nook off the living room. Floor to ceiling misted glass screens provided what privacy I could get. Having my own room was a luxury considering my three brothers shared a room, but it was not sound proof. I liked praying out loud in the mornings because it kept my mind from wandering, but I could never be sure who was listening in. So I began writing my prayers out, and ever since it has become a habit.
     Having your life worries written down on paper may be  uncomfortable at first, but when you do it for four years, journaling can give you perspective on the little tribulations that you suffer today. Some of the items prayed about in 2011 are still things that concern me today, even though I think of them as new anxieties. A book of your prayer life is also a great place to put scripture that has been helpful.

Veronica A.

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