Daily Rituals

     Usually right before I nod off to sleep at night, I read a couple pages of something; just to settle my mind. I’ve been leisurely making my way through Daily Rituals by Mason Curry. The book is an anthology of the daily habits of well-known writers, composers, artists etc. Some are more detailed than others, the specifics range from a composers’ working hours to how many pipes he smoked a day. But each brief description provides a sketch of the focal’s mind and how it ticked.
      This book falls into place next to my people watching penchant. Not only can observing other’s lives cause us to reconsider our own, but it can prompt us to appreciate the simple order of our daily schedule. As I peruse different approaches to organizing the twenty-four hour period, I’m finding that I’m inspired to arrange my habits in wiser ways. 
“Beethoven rose at dawn and wasted little time getting down to work. breakfast was coffee, which he prepared himself with great care–he determined that there should be sixty beans per cup, and he often counted them out one by one for a precised dose.” ~ Daily Rituals by Mason Curry
Veronica A.

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