Summer Scheming

{1} Writing- Last summer I thought I was going to beaten into a wimpy, writer mess when I signed up for a college level journalism class with my upstairs neighbor. I thought that by being a teenager, I was automatically on a lower level of writing than twenty-somethings and above. This misconception was soon fixed when I found myself staring at my name and article printed in the paper. I know there is only One who is responsible for my successes and I’m hoping to be a part of His work again this summer.

{2} Music Camp- I have the music theory knowledge of a seven year old Suzuki student. So in order to correct this embarrassing fact I will be venturing into the lakeful land of Western New York. With my Harp, I aspire to be a harpist who doesn’t make weird faces every time I hit a wrong note.

{3} Summer Class- I suppose I should be saying, “Woe is me!” But really I’m saying, “Yay for me!” For the first time, I will dive into classic literature without having to worry about trigonometric functions. I could be mildly naive, but I think I will enjoy it.

{4} Reading- Finally! No more am I shackled to Thucydides and his ramblings about the Peloponnesian War, I am free to embrace the wild worlds waiting for me beyond the looking glass. I am ready to embark. A couple spines on my “to read” shelf are: Strong Poison by Dorthy Sayers, Among the Janeites by Deborah Yaffe, and The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis.

{5} Being With Friends- As much as I dismiss the quiet, non-socialized, home school stereotype, I’m generally a quiet person. Some people are fun and interesting to be around, I am shockingly average. Yet, God has given me friends even so. And although I am amazed they want spend time with me, I aspire to be a better friend and sister to all the people who I have the pleasure of walking beside.

Who knows if I’ll actually accomplish any of this. However, this past finals week taught me that anything is possible when you trust the Lord. There’s also a Bible verse that says that.

Have a lovely week!



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