Being Here

     Our move was very eventful, at least for my dad and my brother. I spent the day drinking tea and reading about how Hannibal crossed the alps whilst my father argued over pricing with the movers. We arrived in Quarryville, PA around 1:30 a.m. and had the moving men unload our stuff into an ambulance bay across the street from our home to be. Our prospective house is not yet finished being renovated, so we quickly scuttled over to the lodge at the Quarryville Retirement Community and flung ourselves into bed.
     We may be at the lodge for another week or so, but I’m not complaining. Enoch and I both have our own rooms, double beds, bathrooms, and TV’s. We are living large. Did I mention the personal coffee maker? There are definitely some perks to staying here, one being that we are directly behind the church.  It takes two seconds for my dad to walk to his office (he has an office in the church!) and since my  window looks out on the parking lot, I can see whenever someone is going in.

     The one huge bummer through all of this is that I still have to do school. I’m bubbling with excitement about exploring this wild new place and trying to find the post office. But the majority of the day is spent over attempting to understand the graphs of trigonometric functions. What’s more is that I’m behind because of the move, so it’s compounded. But God is good. We joined a gym. I’m going through the weight training classes and oh my pectorals are sore. The second day at the weights, I learned what it meant to live in a small town. It means you see people you know.  In New York City, you can go the whole week without seeing anyone from your church. Here, I don’t think that’s physically possible.
     The past couple of days have been a bunch of firsts for me, which makes me excited for what’s to come. But I’m still having to remind myself that this is home. Still I feel as if I’m on vacation. It probably doesn’t help that we are living in a hotel. Nevertheless, I’m hoping that the change in mindset will come with time and a house to live in.
     February is a crazy month for the Andreades family(or four of them). If the weather holds, because there are mountains of snow everywhere, Enoch and I will be going skiing for the first time on a retreat that we are attending with our youth group.  Then the following weekend, my dad is being installed in Faith Church. During which a number of friends will be coming to visit. Although I have piles of homework to do, I’m greatly anticipating these events because in each place I know there I will find God’s love.

Back to figuring out a thesis for my Rhetoric speech!



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