Penelope is charming movie about a girl who is born with the nose of a pig and her quest to break the curse that caused it. The film is set in a timeless world, obviously earth, but with fairy-tale elements. The modern-day automobiles drive up to a Victorian Gothic mansion visited by reporters who use typewriters. This dream-like world combined with the whimsical, school girl costumes make for an aesthetically pleasing film.

     Penelope (Christina Ricci) is born with a pig’s nose because of a curse put on her family years ago. In order dismantle the spell, she has to be accepted by one of her own kind, that is, a rich person. Her mother (Catherine O’Hara) tirelessly searches for a suitor who will marry her daughter and remove the curse. But Penelope has trouble believe such a man exists since every time a prospected husband lays eyes on her, he flees. Until she meets Max (James McAvoy). But the story doesn’t end there.

      The simplicity of the love story and lack of sexual misconduct is refreshing. Although the overused, sappy, Disney theme of “Follow your heart” sneaks in, it is not the only message woven into the film. It also focuses on the perennial issue of girls accepting how they look. And it justly promotes the truth that changing your looks will not make you beautiful, changing your attitude will. Also, Penelope Wilhern shows admirable forbearance when she repeatedly forgives her mother for the pain she suffered because of her parental malpractices.

This enjoyable and witty movie will appeal to lovers of classic fairytales and romances.

Veronica A.


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