First Snow

Yesterday, morning we had our first snow.  Normally, when this happens, I would tumble out of bed with groggy eyes and begin fixing my sheets.  Suddenly, to be enlivened with energy at the sight of white flakes falling past my window.  Then I would go on to exclaim to everyone in the house, awake or sleep, that is was snowing.

However, I was jerked out of slumber’s sweet rest by the scurrying of feet and the mellow tones of panicked voices. The internet had gone out. My mother, who teaches at an online school, was hurrying around to find a computer to bring with her to an internet-providing, coffee shop. Everyone else was trying to help her without shouting at each other. Amid this rise of chaos, I casually noticed that it was snowing. Unfortunately, it didn’t stick, but it sure brought the ice cap weather to us.

I have decided it’s time to expand my collection of warm socks. In truth, I’ll probably raid the racks at Kmart, but I might buy a pair or two at Urban Outfitters.

Have a lovely week!



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