Road Trip Snippets {Part 5}

I’ve never gotten to see tigers and lions up that close before. But while adventuring in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, we stayed at a wild cat preserve.  When you are standing ten feet away from one of these beasts you begin to understand why people revere them so much. Why the lion is called the “king of the beasts” and why he is used to depict Aslan in C.S. Lewis’ work. They are majestic creatures, but vicious and mighty. While lodging near the cages, I could hear them vocalize. They sounded like they were coughing up fur balls. One called out and a chorus replied.  I drifted off to sleep listening them croak into the night.

The air was cool and shafts of hazy, glowing light speckled the ground.  We woke to find ourselves encamped on the edge of a peninsula surrounded by a river. The place seemed stopped in time, like scenery in a book or a dream.  Nearby was an old swing set and slide, but it wasn’t rusted or damaged. Just there. Paused.

It was an odd feeling, but I was truly happy for him. The college was lovely, the people seem genuinely kind, and I knew he would be challenged but strengthened. Blessings, Jeremy! Have fun at Davidson College!

I was an angry bar mistress, complaining about a shady gambler who spent too much time in my tavern. The courtroom at Colonial Williamsburg ran an entertaining and interactive program that illustrated how a trial would run in the 1700’s . After a long day of trekking through the period village, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to play a part in the drama.

The Lord blessed my family tremendously through this trip.  He taught me the worth of selflessness, patience, bearing one another’s burdens (literally) and good parents.  He showed me his glory in the land and in the animals. And He has helped my heart admit that I could be happy in places other than New York City.



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