Road Trip Snippets {Part 2}

Photo Credit: Thaddeaus Andreades

The stench was inexorable. Sulfur invaded my nostrils as I wandered through the maze of gurgling, steaming pools of sky blue liquid.  I was standing on a lazy volcano; one that had chosen not to erupt, allowing thousands of people to walk along its rock. I knew I was probably taking this for granted.  But it took a while for me to get used to the smell. I will probably never forget it.

Photo Credit: Thaddeaus Andreades

As we drove through the dramatic landscape of Northern Wyoming, we were ecstatic upon seeing a lonely buffalo grazing in the distance. Little did we know that just over the hill, there was a whole herd of them relaxing in the valley; mothers with their children, grumpy fathers sitting in solidarity, youths butting heads and grandfathers taking dust baths. They were magnificent, and we got to observe them from a close enough distance that they would not gore us.

Photo Credit: Mary K. Andreades
I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, or if it was, it was because he’d let me do it. So I used the element of surprise.  With as much momentum as I could muster, in the confined space of the raft, I rammed my brother with my shoulder allowing myself to be carried over with him into the water.  My mom had arranged a white water rafting trip in Moab, Utah.  We spent a whole afternoon floating down the Colorado river pushing each other off the raft and trying to scramble back on. 
Photo Credit: Thaddeaus Andreades
“Hurry!” Enoch yelled as we scrambled out of our car and speed-walked towards the welcome center. “Ok, you have to look at the ground now.” We were trying to see the Grand Canyon for the first time before the sun went down. Standing on the edge we waited for each other and looked up at the same time. It was so massive and majestic.  Jeremy commented: “Does anyone else feel that whooshing feeling.”

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