Inspire Me

      A lot of my blog reading is focused around finding inspiration.  So I look for things that make me think: “I love that, I want to wear/make/sew/draw/smell/touch/bake/imitate/listen to that.” So, here are five things that inspired me this week.

{1} Paper Tape: I picked up a couple of rolls of this fun tape at Michael’s.  The colors and patterns just make me so happy.

{2} Feathers: I took a walk on the beach during my visit and collected a bunch of feathers. When I got home, I strung them up over my mirror; it gives my room a bohemian feel, which I’ve indulged in recently.

{3} On my Own: This song from Les Miserables breaks my heart and I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past couple of days.

{4} SF Girl By Bay: This blog has been a continual source of inspirational happiness and why I’m going through a bit of a bohemian phase.

{5} Painting:  My cousin had left his paints out at my Grandmother’s house and eventually I couldn’t resist the urge to paint something.

Have a inspiring rest of your week!



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