This is Where I Leave You

  Back in 2013 I started this blog. I loved reading lifestyle posts and thought I'd venture out on my own blogging project. It's been several years and I've enjoyed putting my writing and my thoughts out there for an audience. But as composition assignments for college classes increase and I gain access to other... Continue Reading →


Troubling a Star by Madeleine L’Engle

I'm one of those awful people who will sometimes skim over passages of books to find out if the guy gets the girl in the end. And I found myself fighting the urge to pass over selections of descriptions of nature lectures to get to the action in this novel. Though Madeliene L'Engle's Troubling a Star is... Continue Reading →

Art & Poetry

I'm coming to a the realization that abstract and modern art is sort of like poetry.  It's not meant to be a complete and finished thought. Its purpose is to prompt the observer towards reflection and exploration of an idea. As with poetry, the beauty intensifies as you go deeper into the piece of art.... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of a New Semester

"I wonder how many times I've used the phrase: "settling into the swing of things" in conversation." "Can I get coffee, go to the bathroom, and make it across campus before my next class begins in ten minutes?" "Once upon a time I woke up in the morning and I didn't have to get out... Continue Reading →

What is Home

I surprised myself. Stepping into my dorm room for the first time in three weeks, the first words that slid from my mouth were: "I'm home." I had just concluded a fun, restful break with my family and left the supportive home that my parents made there. Now I was back in a dorm, by... Continue Reading →

The Paradise

I'm a sucker for a good period drama. And The Paradise is the perfect fix when you've exhausted your appetite for Jane Austen adaptations. I had watched the first season a couple years ago and assumed I had finished all there was to be had of the narrative. But browsing through Netflix this past week... Continue Reading →

Picking Up the Journey Again

This past semester was a particularly strenuous one. The first couple weeks were stressful as I tackled being a new RA and learning what was involved. While I began to become more confident in my new position, tensions in other parts of my life started to mount. Then within the space of a couple weeks... Continue Reading →

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